How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows PC without a cable or iTunes

Usually, if you need to copy photos, video or other files from your iPhone to a Windows computer, you need to have an USB data cable to connect the iPhone to your computer, then open the cumbersome Apple iTunes to perform the sync. It is time-consuming and inconvenient.

Now, with AirCopy Software, you can transfer photos, videos and documents to your Windows computer in seconds, without any data cable, also, it doe not use your mobile data. It takes advantage of the high speed WiFi network. Usually, at home or office, your desktop or laptop computer and your iPhone are in the same WiFi network, so AirCopy use the WiFi network to copy the files from your iPhone to the computer.

Using AirCopy software is easy, you may just download the light-weight software tool from on your Windows computer (Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10), then install it following the setup wizard. After that, you may launch the program anytime when you have files to be imported from your iPhone. After it is launched, you can find a QR code on left corner of the software, simply use your iPhone’s camera to point to the QR code, your iPhone browser will bring you to a file transfer webpage. On that webpage, you may select files on your iPhone and they will be transferred to the computer almost instant. Sounds like magic! Yes, that is easy, fast and secure because your data and files will not be transferred to any internet servers. Data is transferred only between your computer and your phone.

AirCopy also supports transferring files from PC to Phone, and it supports Android phones as well.