How to transfer photos from iPhone to PC wirelessly

Do you want to import photos to computer wirelessly without an annoying cable, and download photos from iPhone in high speed and enjoy almost instant file transfer? AirCopy software is the tool you need. It is only a small download on your Windows computer. You do not need to install new apps on your iPhone, as well as no mobile data usage, no troublesome Bluetooth pairing. File transfer is in local network WiFi.

Usually, if you need to transfer photos from iPhone to PC, you will need a Lightning-to-USB cable to connect your iPhone to a computer, then import the photos and videos.

AirCopy software allows you to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to a Windows computer wirelessly and bypass the any cables. It utilizes the high-speed WiFi networks. As long as your phone and computer are in the same LAN (local area network), the file transfer between Phone and PC is possible. AirCopy uses the Wifi network instead of Bluetooth, which make it fast and stable, and no Bluetooth pairing is required.

Using AirCopy to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows computer is very easy.

Step 1 – Download the light-weight AirCopy software from It is a small download and the download takes just a few seconds. After you download it, you may run it and follow the setup wizard to install it to your Windows computer. It works with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Step 2 – Run AirCopy software from Start menu -> AirCopy. It has a very clear GUI, that is Welcome, Phone to PC, and PC to Phone. If you’d like to import photos and videos from iPhone to computer, please choose “Photo to PC”.

A big QR Code appears on the interface of AirCopy, simply open the Camera app on your iPhone home screen, and point it to the QR code. the camera app will open the Safari browser (or other default browser set on your iPhone), you may click it to visit the page.

Step 3 – You do not need to download and install any new App on your iPhone. Your iPhone browser will take you to a webpage to transfer files to your computer directly.

You may select the files on the webpage from your iPhone album and the files are transferred to your computer in seconds. The transferred files will be appear in the AirCopy software. You may view and process the pictures just as other files on your computer.

Unlike some cloud server apps, for your privacy, AirCopy does not send any files out for your local network. So it is very safe to use AirCopy to transfer personal files from your phone to computer, also the local network transfer makes the data transfer in extreme high speed and stable. AirCopy does not use your mobile data to transfer the data and it is free to perform file transfer.